The Importance of Milke Thistle for Dogs and Other Natural Supplements

Today many veterinarians and animal-care workers alert owners to the benefits of natural animal nutrition. In addition, they often explain the advantages of a totally holistic approach to pet care, which includes providing lots of untreated water and supplements. Natural pet products, provided by companies such as NHV, can enhance pets’ well-being, extend their lives, and even treat many conditions. Some of the most effective supplements include:

MILK THISTLE: Dogs with adrenal conditions may suffer from Cushing’s or Addison’s disease. They may become weak, depressed, dehydrated, and lose their appetites. Animals can also gain or lose weight, vomit, and become very thirsty, among other things. Pets with these symptoms should always be seen by a vet, but products such as milk thistle for dogs can support recovery. It detoxifies the liver, and helps it regenerate, as well as providing other benefits.

BK DETOX: When you want to strengthen a cat’s overall health, BK Detox helps by cleansing internal organs, boosting immunity, and flushing toxins from their body. The supplement can also reverse problems caused by a poor diet. It contains Red Clover, Oregon Grape, Buckthorn, Sarsaparilla, and other natural ingredients.

HEARTY HEART: This supplement boosts blood flow to pets’ hearts, and promotes overall good health. Animals taking it tend to maintain youthful vitality. It improves energy levels and increases appetite. Hearty Heart’s safe ingredients can be given for years. Some of them include Balsam Poplar, Hops, Valerian Root, Motherwort, and Pulsatilla.

ES CLEAR: Nutritional support is especially important for cats who have cancer, and they get it with ES Clear. Ingredients such as Slippery Elm, Burdock, and Sheep’s Sorrel help pets maintain energy levels. The supplement also promotes healing, bolsters the immune system, and helps relieve pain.

OLD TIMER: Many cats and dogs develop joint problems as they age, but Old Timer can relieve stiffness, lameness, and swelling associated with issue. It also reduces lethargy, poor appetite, awkward gaits, and other symptoms.

More and more pet owners are turning to a holistic approach for their pets’ nutrition and overall health needs. Often this includes the use of natural pet supplements, which can safely help control the pain and discomfort of many ailments, as well as aid in healing and enhance animals’ immune systems.